Sunday, November 11, 2012

My New Home

So it's true I MOVED!!! Back story I was having and awful time at my old apartment, there was a lot of tension and arguing so I decided I wanted to move. Two of my roommates, Karrie and Alaina, decided to move with me. We found a cute little apartment that was perfect for the three of us so we packed up and moved. It is a little old school but I love my new home and you can definitely tell a big difference. There really is no fighting and no tension, you can actually feel the spirit in the apartment and there is a whole new energy. I am so happy and this is a HUGE blessing!

 Our little couch
The Living Room
My new Zebra bean bag chair I LOVE IT! 
Karrie loves photography and these are a few pictures she has taken!
 The Kitchen
 We have 2 toilets so we named one boys and girls ha clever I know
 Our little sign in the boys bathroom
The sink
Yes we have a tub/shower and a walk in shower right next to one another
 My HUGE closet LOVE IT!
 My wall
 The Grant shrine!
Temple Picture


  1. I'm so glad you found a new place :) I must say the Grant shrine is great! haha I admit I have a Jake shrine :) Isn't having a missionary so great haha!

  2. Ha I love my shrine it keeps him in my life even if he isn't here physically, and he's pretty cute too!