Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trials and Blessings

So I have really been dreading writing this post, more than any of you will ever know. It seems like the ENTIRE time Grant has been on his mission the lord has been testing us and our relationship. We have overcome so many trials and milestones in life in the last 14 months that most couples couldn't even imagine. But that is how our relationship has always been. Apparently the Lord thinks we need a little more testing because well here's the story.......

Saturday I was at the speedway with the singles branch in Salt Lake and I got a facebook from Grant (i know naughty missionary but I love that we can chat). We just chatted for a bit and then he told me well dear I have a hernia and on Monday I am going into the Dr. to get it checked out. I freaked a little but "oh its just a hernia" was a thought. I am in the medical field so I know a little bit about those. Well Monday comes around and I get an email that explains to me that the hernia has been left too long and it is large enough that he has to have surgery again. Don't forget that this is his 2nd surgery on the mission and his 2nd surgery in 4 months. I was so stressed and frustrated and scared and I broke down in class and cried. That is very unlikely usually I am good at not showing emotion. Not yesterday. It was a little embarrassing. So now you all know. The plan is that he will not come home.....for now. He and the mission president and the dr. need to make a plan and he wants some time to pray and think over things. 

I know that only through trials come blessings, and even though that this is a hard thing to deal with and can seem like and endless trial, I know that one day we will both be blessed in more ways than we can even imagine. It's hard for him to deal with these trials, and it is hard for me to sit here and watch him, helplessly and know that there is absolutely nothing that I can do about it. I can't hug him, I can't talk to him and tell him that it will be okay. It really is a helpless feeling when the person that you love is in so much pain and there is nothing that you can do for them. I am so grateful for our loving Heavenly Father who is there for us through all of our trials and I know that the Lord will never put you through anything that you are not capable of overcoming. It's not going to be easy but there is no doubt in my mind that it will all be worth it one day.

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  1. Taylor...if you need anything let me know! I hope all goes well!