Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Diggin' Spuds

You know you live in Idaho if you get excited for spud harvest! On Saturday I was in Declo for my little brothers football game and I was going to head back to Twin after that but then my friend Brad called and invited me to come and ride in the potato digger with him, of course I accepted I love tractors and I hadn't seen Brad in quite a while. I spent almost 5 hours digging potatoes with him and it was so fun! Unlike a lot of people sitting in a tractor for hours does not bother me one bit, I actually enjoy it. Tractor conversations are the best and I love farming so it is fun to do. After that we went and rode a tricycle and a little dirtbike down Pomerelle it was scary I freaked out, we were going like 30 mph on this little tricycle (that had no brakes). Then we climbed up to the cell phone towers and looked out over Malta, Burley, Rupert, Declo, Paul, and all that area it was so cool, but soo high I am afraid of heights so yeah. Then we went back to Brad's and just chilled in the hot tub it was a fun night and definitely needed after the week I had in Twin! 

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