Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a mix of things and such

So blogging and I have an on and off relationship, sometimes I blog like 5 times a day and then sometimes I go a whole month with....maybe one blog post. I will try and do better but it is oh so hard to blog when you are a boring college student, with 15 credits, in a technical program, so I could blog about homework but I really choose not to do that to anyone who might read this and me in the future. My college experience so far has been really boring, I really don't get far from campus because I have so much homework, and everything is close to campus that I need to go to. Oh I finally went grocery shopping yesterday, I was down to oatmeal, granola bars, and cup of noodle soup, typical college student. I STILL have not gotten a letter from Grant since I moved to Twin but I hear it's on its way, so cross your fingers it comes soon because heaven knows I need it. Huh update on the missionary, well he is the zone leader (he's been out for 13 months and i'm still not sure exactly what that entails), he is loving his new companion because he loves to get out and work as much as Grant does, he is in Sagus CA, I still don't know much about the area but when I get a chance of course I will research it a little bit, he is getting very very very "into" his mission. I can really tell lately a spiritual growth that he has had. When they first leave for the first few months they seem very much the same but slowly you can start to see a big change in them. With all that has happened in Grant's life lately I am glad that he has grown from all of his trials. He truly is one of the strongest people I know and he just continues to amaze me everyday. Our relationship on the mission has grown so much and it really is on a different level, that is not to say that we haven't had any bumps along the way, believe me we have. Sometimes he frustrates me with things I read in a letter or email, mostly because you don't know the tone of voice, and the same happens with somethings that I say. His wrist surgery was a very difficult time for our relationship, he was unable to write and had a difficult time typing emails, this was from May until around mid-August so the entire summer I felt like we were very disconnected. Now that his wrist is healed things are starting to pick back up and things are falling into place as they were before. 

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