Sunday, September 18, 2011

The current adventures of Elder Stevenson and Girl Waiting

I am horrible at keeping this up because I seriously doubt anyone reads it anyway. Grant left almost 7 weeks ago time has flown at some points and drug on at others. He is doing ok California is a big culture shock for a little farm boy from Paul, Idaho. He is in a ghetto. His letters keep me going but for some reason it takes forever for a letter to get from Hollywood, California to Malta, Idaho...go figure. Not much has happened to me in the 7 weeks I went on one date and it was ok but i felt so wrong. I started my senior year of high school, played volleyball, crowned homecoming princess. Grant has so far given a woman a blessing who apparently was cursed because her boyfriend was sleeping with her best friend who is a witch, he met a lady in the ward who gave her dead dog a priesthood blessing by authority of her future husband who she was going to meet the next week i know crazy and that was only his first week in Cali go figure. My most recent letter was a fat 14 pages long. His companion recently broke his ankle so they get to sit in the apartment all day and he said he had a lot of free time on his hands which is fine by me I love hearing from him!!


  1. this is so adorable!!!!! <3 good luck sister!!!!!!

  2. p.s keep this up. i will follow you!!!!!