Monday, September 26, 2011

Once Upon a Time..

Once upon a time….isn’t that how most fairy tales start? Ok so now that I know someone reads this lamo blog I thought I would share the story of how Grant and I got here? Well we met on September 11, 2009 at the Blackfoot Fair. Grant was 17 and a Senior at Minico High School I was 15 and a Sophomore at Raft River High School. I was with my friend Casey Durfee and Grant was with his friend Brogan Parkin. Brogan and Casey knew each other and they started talking at a table Grant sat down and didn’t say much but we talked a little I definitely thought he was cute and I was expecting him to ask for my number NOPE what a looser right. Well come to find out I went to school with a mutual friend and he was kinda like ummm you probably shouldn’t date him he’s too old and likes to party HA! So things went on and I didn’t think much of the cute boy I met at the Blackfoot Fair but that December around Christmas time I was on facebook and noticed a familiar face so I said hey I know him so I added him on facebook. Instantly he accepted my request and we started talking he left me his number and said he really really wanted to talk to me so I text him…..but here’s the catch I had been dating this other guy for a few months and he was being a real jerk at the time so I talked to Grant but after a while we stopped talking and then we would talk occasionally I saw him at FFA convention he text me at his graduation and a few times in the summer. He talked to me whenever something big was going on but I had a boyfriend..yes I was still dating the same looser jerk face.. but anyway in November we started talking a little when this boyfriend who shall remain nameless throughout this entire blog was being mean to me. I was like dang I’m texting a college boy HECK YES! But then we stopped again and he didn’t seem to interested so I wasn’t. Then finally he who shall not be named and I broke up I was a lonely hot mess. Then one day this handsome young man decided to talk to me on facebook yet I tend to forget and leave my facebook on so I didn’t see the message until he was off…I was like hmmmmm someone actually wants to talk to me hmmmmm ok I’ll text him so I did and we talked and talked and everything started to click. We talked until 4 30 in the morning on Christmas it’s always been a goal of mine to stay up the whole night on Christmas I failed but he was right there with me! Our first date was on New Years. He picked me up and it was so cold that night like -17 seriously. We went to the movies and watched Little Fockers, Chris his cousin was suppose to have a date but she didn’t show so he came along anyway afterwards he took me to Kiwi Loco for the very first time ever! Then I went and met his parents they were pretty nice I got the nickname jail bait right off the bat. Then we decided to go drive around we stopped and talked in a parking lot behind what would become our favorite place to eat we were listening to music on his ipod and just getting to know each other I was leaned in on the center console looking at his ipod he leaned in to look to I looked up at him and BAMMMMMMMM he kissed me! It was like you hear about in movies fireworks and butterflys ya I it was that good. So we drove home and when the clock struck midnight I rang in the New Year with a kiss ha ya awesome right 1/1/11 ya I thought it was cool. Well after that I knew I liked him a lot lot but I was still scared after getting my hear broke by “the other one” so I was cautious. A week after our first date I broke my ankle and tore all the ligaments in it graceful I think yes! He didn’t even ask he drove out to see me the next day and hung out with me and my bummm ankle what a sweetheart right! That was also the first night he told me he loved me 1/8/11. He said I knew when I kissed you there was something special and I don’t expect anything back but one day I will. He took me everywhere with that kankle he carried my purse at the movies came to my basketball games even thought I didn’t play came to my house. Finally on 1/20/11 I decided I was ready to be in a relationship so 1/20/11 is kinda our anniversary if you call it that ha! I have never been happier and I thank heaven everyday for that boy! He has been there for me through thick and thin and even though he is almost 900 miles away we grow closer to each other everyday! I can’t wait until he comes home to see what else the world has in store for us! I love you Grant!

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  1. That is a way cute story :) You live out in Malta and so do my grandparents! Malta is a small place so it is very possible you know them haha, the Parkes? Anyways I think it is really cool you are waiting for Grant it takes someone special to do that! I don't know if you like reading blogs but I also have one its