Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Boy Missing a Man Card and Hermit Girl

Today was a long long long day! But on a happier note I got a letter a 26 page letter I might add oh I love that cute face! He still knows how to make me smile even 800 miles away! He has had some more crazy things happen but in Hollywood I can only imagine what he has ahead of him.So I am going to share some letter highlights that will be direct quotes from Grant (still not too high on the Elder Stevenson thing). For those of you who say he had no heart this is proof!
"I really got to thinking I was like i wanted Taylor when I met her in 2009 and those feelings lasted and stayed with me until 2011. Now I'm so in love with her and my feelings grow for her everyday they just continue to get stronger and stronger! There is no doubt in my mind that you will be the one for me. This is meant to be I just know it is. There is no possible way these feelings aren't real! I have never felt this way before I can honestly see us getting married in the temple and living happily ever after. I have these day dreams of me coming home and us having our fairytale life together its all perfect! I cant wait for the day to come when we're both kneeling at the alter ahhh I'm so stoked. When i would go to the temple in the MTC we would always see couples in the sealing rooms and it just made me think of you."
Isn't he just so sweet. So an update on my life I'm going to become a hermit. If you're laughing that was not a joke I'm really considering it. As of right not I have a 100% in College Psychology!!! I have a volleyball game tomorrow I start EMT clincals in November. I will walk at a college graduation before I do my own high school graduation. My life is hectic thus the whole hermit idea much less complicated. Oh and to explain the picture I got homecoming princess and this is Grant playing with my little brother and his G's are showing.

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