Friday, August 5, 2011


So since i have no understanding of this blogging thing it was made on impulse and i still have no idea what to do with it or how long it will last....but it looks so empty and boring i might as well give it a shot.....but anyway the other day i was introduced to tractor driving and changing pivot tires "Stevenson style" you know the kind where you take your add awkward dog who stares at you weirdly in the tractor...he's a freak and then the lovely lets throw me on the back of this little tractor and ride on a tool box so i can LITERALLY rip the entire bottom of my pants out below the pockets seam to seam yes this really happened luckily i was wearing spandex so i didn't expose anything and to add to that matter i was wearing shorts and thigh high irrigating boots i felt like an idiot to say the least...and sadly yes this is all i have so far because im 17 and i have no stories and if i did do you really think i would blog about it.....umm no didn't think so

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