Thursday, August 4, 2011


So i am officially a missionary girlfriend. Honestly i never thought i'd be one of "them" but here i am an i have the whole sad happy stalking the mail man checking my email and it's only day two....and yes i realize people think i'm crazy but i dont care because i do love him and he is worth waiting for. Yes i know two years can change people, but i can also bring them closer together. I can't predict the future and what will happen to us but as of right now i do have intentions of waiting for Grant ( i cant call him elder stevenson toooo weird). He is a really great guy making a huge sacrifice and maybe all i am is support for him right now but i'm happy doing whatever i can for him.Don't worry I have my own list of goals and things I want to accomplish while he is gone. I am going to keep myself busy as usual. Those of you who know me don't laugh because i never expected to wait for a missionary but oh well life changes. He is an amazing guy and very cute I mean look at that dimple!!! I think i'm done writing since this blog was only made because i was bored and with no intentions of anyone ever seeing it.

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