Thursday, July 11, 2013

July Update

I am super behind on updating this blog....and I know it....Grant is coming home in 20 days!!!!!!! I am really excited, nervous, anxious, happy, pretty much every emotion you could ever imagine. I am working at Urgent Care and I still love it. I never know what I am going to see walk through that door....literally it could be anything and sometimes I get a really good laugh. No matter how many grumpy patients I see if I get that one patient who I helped and I could tell that they appreciated the care I gave them, that is what makes my 12 hour shift full of jerks worth every second. But seriously appreciate the people that take care of you because what we put up with everyday usually isn't deserved. I mean come on people I have to touch a cup that I know you spilled urine on and then take it to the lab and smell it , and honestly I don't like making you hurt when I give shot, (but I am a total vampire, LOVE drawing blood), I don't want to see you naked, but don't feel so cool you're not the first, and NO I am not looking, and I am not asking you personal questions to be nosy we gotta know, and my I have to get weighed????......YES you do! That was totally  not meant to be a vent session I just want anyone who reads this (which is probably no one) to appreciate you Medical Assistant and Nurses, our job is a dirty job but we do it because we care. I have a serious Grey's Anatomy addiction, its pretty much the best show ever. I am super boring and that's my version of the update. Grant is in North Edwards, California which is not apart of the newly opened Bakersfield California Mission. He met the new mission president last week. He emailed me and told me that missionaries now have to carry "purses" which is really just a bag, but he is freaking out and super happy that he is leaving before he has to get one, still the same Grant deep down! He has two companions and is really liking Elder Savage, they have a lot in common and love talking about farming and cows and all the things he loves. I am so glad that he got a great companion to end his mission! I know they are working hard to stay motivated during the final stretch. He is really really excited about coming home, I think they all get that way. All he talks about is the farm I know he misses it so much, almost as much as me ;) Everything is going great for the both of us! We still definitely love one another and cant wait for the day he gets home. We have grown so much individually and as a couple. I love him and I can't wait to see him!!!!!!! Next update he will be home!

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