Saturday, July 13, 2013

120 things to get you thinking about life.....(aka the longest post in the history of ever)

So I was on Pinterest, I spend 90% of my internet time on Pinterest, anyway I saw this pin that said "120 things to get you thinking about life" and so I actually looked into the pin (which I never do) and it had a little questionnaire thing on it. I figured if I was going to answer the questions in my head I might as well put in on my blog so I can look back on it someday (and random strangers).This is going to be super long so I don't care if no one reads it. So here goes and they are completely 100% honest so no judgment.
1) Who did you last say "I love you" to? Grant on Thursday
2) Do you regret it? No way jose I love that guy more than anything
3) Have you ever been depressed? The closest I have ever been to depression is when I moved to college last year. I didn't like my roommates constantly fighting, I was in over my head in a full blown college program, I knew no one, and I hated being there at all. I went home every chance I got and spent many hours at the school, alone, in a computer  lab studying.
4) Do you like Dinosaurs? I have no opinion on this one
5) Are you insecure? Yes I am...I am an insecure every girl on this planet...and who's boyfriend served a mission in California with 1 million half naked yes.
6)What is your relationship status? TAKEN for ETERNITY, or will be very soon :)
7) How do you want to die? Happily, in my sleep, at 99, next to the love of my life.
8)What did you last eat? Quesadilla
9) Have you played any sports? Volleyball, Basketball, Track all 4 years in high school
10) Do you have an attitude? Yes I am stubborn and opinionated and always right (in my mind)
11) Do you like someone? better than that I love someone
12) What is your real name? Taylor Leigh Whitaker
13) Have you read a book? many many
14) Do you hate anyone at this moment? I wouldn't say I "hate" anyone...ever, but I have this awful habit of cutting people out of my life and I mean completely.
15) Do you miss someone? I miss Grant more than anything and in 18 days I don't have to!
16) Twirl or cut your spaghetti? Twirl! is there any other way
17) Do you tan a lot? over the summer? I try to tan and I am a white girl and always will be...
18) Have any pets? I am going to pick up my probably new pup tomorrow!
 19)  How exactly are you feeling? anxious, nervous, excited, ecstatic, Grant is coming HOME!

20) Ever eaten food in a car while someone or yourself is driving: more often than I should

21) Good driver? I would like to say yes but no...I have driving anxiety

22) Are you scared of spiders? No

23: Would you go back in time if you were given the chance? No I give an honest effort to live everyday with no regrets and take the bad things as lessons to help me grow as a person.

24: Do you regret anything from your past? No

25: What are your plans for this weekend? I worked Friday...its Saturday and I'm home with my brothers writing this....

26: Do you want to have kid? Yes but not for a while

27: Do you type fast? yup

28: Do you have piercings? just ears

29: Want anymore? nah

30: Can you spell well? Depends

31: Do you miss anyone from your past? no everyone who is in my life now are here for a reason

32: What are you craving right now? rootbeer float

33: Ever been to a bonfire party? that's all that goes on in the town I grew up in

34: Ever had a silly band? no idea what that is

35: Have you ever been on a horse? Oh yes I love riding my horses

36: Have you ever broken someones heart? yes but it all happens for a reason

37: Have you ever been cheated on? yes

38: Are you thinking of someone right now? Grant 24/7 I love that kid

39: Would you live with someone without marrying them? nope

40: What should you be doing? cleaning and doing laundry

41: Whats irritating you right now? that Grant flys in at 10:54 pm

42: Have you ever liked someone so much that it hurts? love

43: Does somebody love you? Grant does!

44: What is your favorite color? pink

45: Have you ever changed clothes in a car? hahaha yup...

46: Milk chocolate or white chocolate? milk chocolate all the way

47: Do you have trust issues? love to say no....but yes I do

48: Best friends name? Grant

49: 2nd best friends name? Hana and Hailey

50: 3rd best friends name? Taryn Tani Trace Tate Treg

51: Who was the last person you cried in front of? my roommate I was really sick

52: Do you give out second chances too easily? No you earn them

53: Is it easier to forgive or forget? forget....

54: What was your childhood nickname? tay tay

55: Favorite food? steak and potatoes

60: Do you believe everything happens for a reason?? yes

61: Did you have dream last night? yes and it was weird

62: Have you ever been out of state? yes

63: Do you play the wii? I suck at everything but archery

64: Are you listening to music right now? nope watching Grey's Anatomy

65: Do you like chinese food? yes I do

66: Who are you texting right now? no one story of my life

67: Are you afraid of the dark? slightly

68: Is cheating ever okay? no honesty is the best policy

69: Are you mean? I can be very sweet and I can be ruthless

70: Can you keep white shoes clean? no I live on a farm, I cant keep any shoes clean

71: What year has been your best? 2011

72: Do you believe in true love? of course

73: Favorite weather? 8:00 in the summer its perfect in Idaho makes no sense unless you live here

74: Do you like the snow? yes but its cold so love/hate relationship

75: Does it snow a lot where you live? it can

76: Do you like the outside? yes

77: Do you wanna get married? heck yeah

78: Is it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby? not at first

79: Are you hungry? no I just had dinner

80: What makes you happy? When I help a patient and they acknowledge it, when I have a really good run, and Grant

81: Would you change your name? nope

82: Ever been to Alaska? no

83: Ever been to Hawaii? no

84: Do you watch the news? I read the newspaper so kinda but no

85: What's your zodiac sign? Taurus

86: Do you like subway? its a sandwich that I could make at home....nah not that much

87: Do you talk like your friends? ha how would anyone know that

88: Have you ever seen someone you knew and purposely avoided them? all the time

89: Do you have a friend of the opposite gender who you can act your complete self around? yes I do

100: Who was the last person of the opposite gender you talked to? I would have to check my phone and I don't know where it is

101: Do you feel good? yes I do

102: Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with? my daddy

103: Can you count to one million? no I would get bored

104: Are your finger nails painted at the moment? no

105: Favorite number? 2 it was my volleyball number

106: If you could pick two people your own age or younger to be stuck on a stranded island with, who would it be? Grant he's all I need

107: Are you a hunter? I can shoot a gun....but I don't hunt

108: Tall or short? short

109: Favorite subject in school? Psychology

110: What 5 people do you trust the most? Grant, Dad, Mom, Taryn, and Grant's Momma

111: Who do you think has amazing hair? no I hate my hair

112: Parents divorced? married for time and eternity

113: What city do you live in? Malta

114: Where were you born? Burley

115: Recliner or couch? love sear.....solo

116: What two people do you miss talking to? Grant and Hailey

117: Who will you be with this weekend? me, myself, and I

118: City or country? Country

119: Water or soda? Dr. Pepper

120: Was this a waste of my time? No one day it will be funny to see how I've changed :)

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