Sunday, April 14, 2013


With my new job I never have any time to even breath it seems like. I work about 30 hours a week, do 15 hours of practicum a week, and juggle 15 credits on top of that, positive side time is FLYING! Grant come home in 108 days! I am so excited to see him again! I have about 4 weeks of school left and then I am out for the summer! I will graduate from CSI (again) on May 17th, 2013! I will have yet another technical certificate this time in Medical Assistant. I am going to finish my general associates here at CSI and I am not sure if I want to finish my bachelors or not. I am moving home with my parents for the summer and I will continue to work at Riverview Urgent Care. I really don't have a whole lot of fun and exciting going on right now other than school and work. I am finishing up on blood draws at school, and then I have labs to work on and everything else has started to wind down which I don't mind at all. Grant is in North Edwards and California City and I have pictures but this is the only one of my computer right now.
As you can see...not much has changed....he is still quite the character. He is much more grown up and mature but still the same old goofy tease he has always been.

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