Monday, April 1, 2013


Well I haven't blogged in quite a while, well from what the usual is, so I thought I should write a little update. I got a JOB! I work at Riverview Urgent Care and Medical Center in Burley and I absolutely love every minute of it. Urgent care you truly never know what you are going to get that isn't an exaggeration at all. I love that about my job. I get to work with all kinds of people, all kinds of ages, backgrounds, and problems. I love learning more and more about the medical field and I definitely get that experience at Riverview. It does keep me very very busy but that just makes time go by so much faster right, because Grant will be home in 121 days and some odd hours, yeah I know it is getting really close and I am very excited to see him. I miss that kid a TON! He is doing great he is currently in California City and Edwards area, which is in the Mojave Dessert. He says it does get pretty warm there and he already complains that 40-50 degrees is too cold, just wait until he comes home to 80 degrees and we think we are too warm, poor thing. For Easter this year my family went to Utah to the chariot races, I had to work, so yup I'm home alone on Easter, but don't worry I still got my Easter basket and I am having dinner with Grant's family, so I won't be totally alone on Easter. 

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