Wednesday, May 1, 2013

100 days, life update, Grant update

So Monday April 22, 2013 was Grant's 100 days left mark!!! Yes I was really excited I went with my roommates to Golden Coral to celebrate....classy right! Golden Coral was the last place Grant and I ate at in Twin Falls, yup classy even back then. So update on Grant....he has 91 days left, he is beginning to get really excited to come home, he is in North Edwards, and California City, I have pictures I need to put on here for him but I am in the process of moving. He is really loving the work and loves the people. I am doing my last day of practicum tomorrow, studying for final tests, moving, and working, and rarely sleeping, insomnia and stress don't mix well. As you can see I haven't blogged because I have nothing that interesting to say but it is now updated! 

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  1. I can't believe how soon he will be home!! I know it has felt like forever but holy cow girl!!! This is exciting stuff :)