Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Queen of the Loosers

I have officially made myself queen of the loosers, because I can do that. Well some jerk in California decided to steal mail, so you know what that means. I DINT GET MY LETTER, and if I ever find that guy I will give him a piece of my mind, and some not so nice words. Grant and I have written less letters lately because I am busy in school and he is busy with missionary work so our Monday emails are longer. So the fact that I don't get a letter makes me pretty sad. Okay back to my looser status. I am sick again, yeah you think ha funny good one Taylor, no really I'm sick again, Nyquil, Tylenol Cold Severe, and Benadryl (to help me sleep), are my best friends. I started feeling yucky on Sunday night, the night my roommate decides to have guy over until 4:30 am yeah less than pleased, I felt worse the next morning but I had 8:30 class so I had to suck it up, then I was napping on the couch when she got home and she sat on me and woke me up and decided to have 4 boys over the next night until 1:30 am, I was not happy. This morning I didn't feel good again but school trumps being sick, then I had practicum and I had to call people with my slightly manly voice, and scan in papers. I ditched a half hour early I felt so crummy. Now I am home alone watching Pitch Perfect (which by the way SUCKS not near as funny as everyone says) and blogging, doing homework, and wallowing in my self pitty. Where is that handsome man of mine when I need him, California, I would rather have him here bugging me like he always does when I am sick, than have him so far away but............ Thursday marks 6 MONTHS LEFT BOO YAA TAKE THAT MISSION! Sorry can't help it! Okay i'm done rambling! 

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